I live in Ossining, New York and I love history.

I also love to run.

And in the years that I’ve lived and run here, I’ve been intrigued by the number of historical sites within about a twenty-mile radius of my house.  This blog is my attempt to properly research and set the stories down so others can enjoy them.

Please — if you find any errors, or have anything to add to these stories please contact me.  I want these stories to be as accurate as possible!

3 thoughts on “Ossining History on the Run

  1. Great site! Do you know Dr. Bob Seebacher on Spring Valley? He’s a wealth of historical info…knows about the silver mine and the horse track across the street. I live at 75 Glendale, where the British hanged the owner by his thumbs from an apple tree (we have the jail in our basement).


    1. Hi Carole, I live near you (as the crow flies) on Cedar Lane in an 1828 “farmhouse” – before putting my house on the market I researched the area and my property as well as I could. Most fascinated by the tales of the Cowboys and Skinners as well as the British and American armies’ abuse of residents in “no man’s land” during the long Revolutionary conflict. I searched for tales close to home like yours in vain! I’d lover to know more about your source.


  2. I am so happy you are doing this! I live just inside the Town of Ossining line on Cedar Lane and devoted several months to reconstructing – as well as I could – the history of my house and the surrounding area and collecting it in a document (I had a Blurb booklet in mind, but haven’t had time to learn their system, format, etc.) – all with the hope of assuring that anyone buying my house, said to have been suilt in 1828, would treasure its historic value. I wish I’d stumbled on your site last year while I was doing it. If you contact me I’ll share what I put together.


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